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The Toledo Zoo was looking to create an exhibit to demonstrate to the public the evolution of flight.  They came to us to see what could bring even more public interest to the project.  We all decided that an ultra-realistic sculpture of the largest flying animal to ever exist on planet earth would be a nice start.  Our realistic scale model sculpture of a Quetzalcoatlus is now in place at the Reptile House.  He stands 17 feet tall, and if his wings were spread they would reach out to nearly 40 feet.  Since these animals haven’t existed for millions of years, many different artistic and scientific drawings had to be taken into consideration while sculpting this piece.  How they stood, their head shape, the size of their bodies, their coloration… all of these aspects are still up for debate.  Working along closely with the zoo, we made educated decisions and came up with what we believe to be the most realistic and accurate sculpture of a Quetzalcoatlus in the world.

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