One of the first projects we took on as Graphite Design + Build was a donor piece. That project helped us understand the significance and potential of these spaces. Since then, we vowed to take a creative approach when working with the names of generous donors. Donor recognition is an opportunity to inspire and educate while paying homage to those that invested in your area to make it a reality. 


We ensure these galleries work with your space — staying true to the theme of the exhibit and the architecture of the building. Whether it’s leveraging the connections between animal species or creating a stunning artistic mural, our designs encourage visitors to take a moment to appreciate and honor everyone connected to your project.




A design and build company in Toledo, Ohio that turns ideas into objects. Objects for your public space such as a museum, park, or library. We put to paper your wildest ideas and build it to exacting specifications. Animated, molded, authentic, and inspiring. These objects make you stop and appreciate that you don't need special glasses to see in 3D.



15 N Huron Street | Toledo, OH 43604


(419) 690-4870

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