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From full-scale models to captivating dioramas, our team transforms spaces into educational experiences that help preserve history. 


Our models and dioramas represent the wild, from current to prehistoric. Our research process is exhaustive. With every sculpture, we capture the unique characteristics of creatures to bring them back to life for education and inspiration. We collect data and visual representations to ensure every detail is represented — from the texture of the fur to the lengths of the blades of grass. When a visitor encounters our work, we want them to question what’s real and created so they can fully immerse themselves into the scene.


Beginning with a design maquette, we help bring our clients visions to life by working together to confirm that every angle, movement, and direction is perfect before creating the final piece. We then integrate the scenes into their space, staying true to the beauty of the building. Everyone on our team takes ownership of their artistic expertise, working together as one to build immersive environments that ignite the senses at virtually every angle. 


It’s those fine details, respect for history, and focus on accuracy that defines the work we do day in and day out.

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