Graphite Design + Build embodies what our name suggests. We take concepts and ideas and make them a reality. Every member of our design team has over ten years of professional experience in related fields. Most of this experience was not generated in offices or in front of computer screens, but rather in studios using tools and getting our hands dirty. What this means is that we design with a depth of experience at our backs, informing each and every concept with a plausible and realistic outcome. By rooting our designs in reality, we present our clients with proposals that we are capable of creating in-house, and therefore our execution matches the client’s expectations.


Graphite Design + Build does not have cubicles. Drawings and designs are open discussions between our family of artists. Our individual artist skill sets collectively crossover mediums of drawing, sculpting, painting, and fabricating, so we are each involved in nearly every phase of each project. This collective ownership allows us to capitalize on each area that we excel at independently. The trust and mutual respect that exists in our studio was forged in the fires of countless hours logged on past projects over the last 15 years. The relationships here in the studio extend well into our personal lives, and in turn our personal lives extend into the studio. Our location in downtown Toledo, opposite the Mud Hen’s 5/3 Field, is more than a place of business, it’s also a gathering space for fellow artists and creative thinkers. The social nature of the studio and the friendships that our business is based on means that discussions about ideas, big and small, are constantly being tossed around and problem solved. In this environment ideas are milled and polished, current projects are streamlined, future projects morph, and non-existent projects are conceived.


Toledo is the home of our 4,200 square foot, 19th century warehouse studio where we are flanked by artists, and immersed and invested in the energy and cultural growth of the community. We work with and donate to local organizations including, Toledo Museum of Art, The Arts Commission, The Toledo Zoo, Toledo School For the Arts, and Metroparks Toledo, to name a few. Our strengths rest not only with the rich, deep culture of our region, but also in the industrial manufacturing businesses that built this city. As such, materials and advanced equipment are readily available to us here. Toledo has been a center for innovative making for over 150 years, and we hope to continue and expand on that tradition.





A design and build company in Toledo, Ohio that turn ideas into objects. Objects for your public space such as a museum, park, or library. We put to paper your wildest ideas and build it to exacting specifications. Animated, molded, authentic, and inspiring. These objects make you stop and appreciate that you don't need special glasses to see in 3D.

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15 N Huron Street | Toledo, OH 43604


(419) 690-4870

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